About Us

Founding members, 1949

The Rusk Athletic Club is a non profit organization supporting youth sports and education through athletic endeavors.  The RAC was created in 1949, carrying on the traditions of the Rusk Settlement by showcasing Hispanic athletes who were alienated from mainstream athletic events and raising money for college scholarships.  Over the past 12 years, the RAC has awarded over $83,000 in scholarships to students from the Houston and surrounding areas. One of the main activities in raising scholarship funds is hosting a men's fastpitch softball tournament since the 1940's.

Tournament History

In 1940, the First Annual Latin-American State Tournament was held in Houston under the sponsorship of the 2nd Ward Athletic Club led by Lupe Zamarron, Raymond Garcia, and Rudy Mendoza.  The teams were mostly local with the exception of Port Arthur, Galveston, and Baytown.  The tournament was suspended during the war and resumed later.  In 1954, the Tournament was staged under the auspices of the Rusk Athletic Club.  To this day, Rusk continues to hold the tournament.

The tournament got its big boost in the mid 50s with the entry of the San Antonio teams and for years they won everything, including 10 straight state titles (1957-1966).  Later, Austin and El Paso came in along with teams from the Valley, California, Colorado and Kansas.  It has become one of the most prestigious tournaments of its kind.  Some 50 games are played in three days of action.

In addition to the men's prestigious fastpitch tournament, we also host a girl's fastpitch, youth basketball and men's basketball tournaments. Visit our website to obtain more information regarding our activities.


RAC awards $500 scholarships to qualified minority students who are enrolled or are planning to enroll at a college or university.  The $500 award will be renewed if eligibility requirements are maintained.  Funds are allocated toward the payment of tuition, fees, educational materials and books.

For scholarship and application information contact Arthur Juarez at  art@ruskathleticclub.org